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Już po pierwszej grze w Laserhouse każdy z graczy otrzymuje za darmo kartę klienta. Biorąc udział w czterech grach, piatą otrzymujesz gratis. Promocje się nie łączą. Po zarejestrowaniu karty tworzone jest konto na które można zalogować się na naszej stronie internetowej. Każdy użytkownik może przeglądać historię swoich gier oraz rezerwacji, wliczając w to szczegółowe statystyki rozgrywek. Więcej szczegółów u obsługi. Każda zarejestrowana karta bierze udział w promocjach oraz losowaniach darmowych gier. Rejestracja karty

Game rules

Basic information

Each player is equipped with a phaser and a vest. Both the phaser and the vest have sensors that react to the opponent's shots. When the game starts, the player's set is flashing and gives sound effects relevant to the current operation. When a player is zapped by someone else their vest is deactivated for a few seconds. Laserhouse offers many game plans, players can choose one before the game. Each game takes 30 minutes, it includes 10 minutes briefing and 20 minutes playing in the arena.

Our arenas are also fitted with special devices that can diversify the game. Depending on the selected game plan they may be active or not.

Rechargers, bases
– or power-ups, are a key element of the arena used in game plans when the number of lives or shots is limited. When the last life is lost or the last shot was fired your vest says 'Recharge', then you must go to recharge.

as the name suggests this device is hostile to the player. Each contact with a mine will decrease you points and depending on the game play may also require a visit to the base to get your lives back. In our arenas, we have mines that activate periodically (they can warn you or not), mines fired by remote button and ones that can be launched with a shot. When you are attacked by the mine your vest says - 'Hit by mine, you are dead". When playing a game with recharging you have to visit a base to power-up. 

Grenades- in addition to the standard weapon you can also launch a grenade. The difference between the standard shot and the grenade is a grenate has a slightly greater range. A grenade hit takes more points and lives off your opponents’ than a standard shot, however it will not give any points to you. The number of grenade usages is not limited. We will tell you more about grenades during our briefing.

Bonus Points – these are places where players can gain additional functions to be used during the game. Bonus Points may give extra shots, extra lives, immortality and invisibility (for a limited time).

Game plans 

Solo game

 SoloThe standard solo game is recommended for beginners when playing in smaller groups. The game can be played by any number of people (minimum 2). The aim is simple – get as many points as you can. You hit your opponent - you get points, they hit you – they get points. Two variants are available. The first so-called "Unlimited" in which the player receives an unlimited amount of shots and lives. In the second option the amount of lives and shots is limited and once exhausted the player must go to a special place called "Recharger". The number of top-up is unlimited.


Team game – a team sport

 The same rules as for Solo game applies but players are divided into two teams. Friendly fire is an option to choose.


VIP defense

VIP defenseThis is a very interesting team game variant whose aim is to score as many points for your team. In each team we choose one VIP who is marked by a special band. Points are awarded only by zapping the opposing team’s VIP. So, protect your VIP and attack the enemy VIP. This game is recommended when at least 8 players are in the game.


DeathMatchAnother variation of the game is where the goal is to score as many points. The game may be played solo or in teams. Each player starts a game with a certain number of lives and after losing them, the game is over for the player. Scoring rules are the same as in the other scenarios. At least 8 people should play this game plan.


Laser Sniper

Laser sniper
Are you a laser sniper? This game plan will show that. The aim is to score as many points as you can, however, the player is equipped with a very small quantity of ammunition. Each time you use it you have to visit a base to recharge. The game may be played solo or in teams. The number of power-up's is unlimited.



RealityEveryone knows how many lives we have in normal life. In this game plan we are moving closer to reality. Each player has just one life and when they lose it they must visit the Recharger. The game may be played solo or in teams. The number of power-up's is unlimited.